5 Morning Rituals To Make Each Day Happier and More Productive

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Morning Rituals

The biggest influence on a typical day is how you begin. It thus becomes important that one gives themselves a good start to the day. This article talks about 5 such morning rituals that can make your day happier and productive as well.

Setting the right tone to the start of your day to make it a happy and productive one is the key to the subsequent day to come. If you want a happy and productive start, adopt a  morning ritual that will help you ease into your day. Many such rituals, researchers believe are key factors in boosting confidence and erasing anxiety issues.

Below, is a concocted menu followed and also enjoyed by widely successful people. You can sample them too and incorporate in your life to make each and every minute of your day count into happiness.

  1. Rise and Shine, Rise and Smile

While everyone says, rising early is a great way to kick start the day, also rising and smiling the first thing when you wake up is the new mantra to follow. Smiling sends across signals to the brain to release chemicals that can make one happy. It has a significant and positive impact on the mood and will make you grateful for the day you have. A simple small smile in the morning can thus make you far more energetic and bubbly to follow through the most hellish of days.

Image courtesy: mostlymorgan.com
Image courtesy: mostlymorgan.com
  1. Bottle it up and Get Moving

Long hours of sleep leaves the body dehydrated. Waking up and having sufficient amounts of water keeps you well hydrated and will make you feel naturally energised.

However, keep in mind to keep tea/coffee at bay for at least the first hour after having water. Engage yourself in any physical activity you enjoy. Emotions are well linked to the fact on how one uses his/her body, which is why it’s important to use it first thing in the morning to get charged.

A half an hour routine of either walk, yoga or any other physical exercise is a great way to start the day to feel more alert, energised and productive in the day.

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Image Courtesy: pinterest.com
Image Courtesy: pinterest.com
  1. A Positive Foot to Feed the Mind

Many people are addicted to newspapers or other sources of reading news in the morning. This is a great way to make the brain cells active after the long rest. Though newspapers and news channels carry a lot of distressed news, one can rather engage in watching something positive at the beginning of the day like an inspiring YouTube video, or reading a few pages of a favourite book.

Exercising the brain cells is as important as physical activity as it keeps you motivated and positive throughout the day. A few minutes of silence spent alone meditating is again a great way for feeling light headed and serene in the morning.

Image Courtesy: embracethechaos.com
Image Courtesy: embracethechaos.com
  1. Plan Ahead

Setting a target of things to do and achieve for the day is essential and keeps you closer to achieving them. If you start the day at random with clear understanding as to what you need to do throughout the day can leave you feeling uncertain and jittery. Even a small set back will make you react violently then.

Instead, have a plan however small or basic ready, with key points on what you plan to do and achieve that day. This helps reaching that goal smoothly. Just the act of writing and making a to-do list will make your brain focus and concentrate better. It is one of the most powerful things one can do to increase productivity and in turn increasing the outcome ie happiness of achievement.

Thus, by following these simple and easy tips each morning, one can drastically change their life and make it far happier, productive and satisfying. You are your life’s hero and you become what you do for yourself repeatedly.

A lot of the tension and stress one goes through can be reduced when you take charge of your life in this way. It not only improves the quality of life, but brings a great sense of inner peace which is so lost in this fast-paced world.

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