About Us

In a world of fast knowledge development, none of us will have the capability to know much of anything at all. The most important skill we will have will be the ability to go out to get the right knowledge for the right purpose at the right time.” Jim Carroll – Global futurist, trends, innovation expert

Today all of us live in a knowledge economy. The freedom of expression and the ability to share, exchange and transfer information has grown manifold, over the years. This is in particular due to the advent of the Internet and its ability to connect people and ideas.

The changes, driven by the Internet, has helped create a huge repository in cyberspace for accessing and storing large quantities of information. An increasing number of people are entering the ‘digital universe’ each day to share their thoughts or voice out their opinion.  In today’s networked environment, knowledge is growing at a faster pace than ever before and is being enhanced by the power of communication and continuous collaboration.  In this light and with a vision to effectively create and disseminate information; we have started The Knowledge Gateway –a one stop digital destination for premium (knowledge based) content, which will aim to benefit the professional and personal lives of people.

One the website we will publish original content covering a wide range of topics including Leadership, HR, Marketing, Economy, Technology, Lifestyle, Health, Entertainment & Arts etc. We also re-publish articles that have been authored by management thinkers, opinion leaders and subject matter experts…some of the great minds the world has today.

Apart from making available authoritative and neutral content to our readers, our endeavour is also to provide a knowledge sharing platform where like-minded individuals can align to exchange views, concepts or ideas.

We will always endeavour to better our platform and hence it is extremely important to us that we get to have a continuous feedback from you—our wonderful community of readers.

We welcome you to our website and look forward to your patronage.