What is Peroxy acid ?

What is Peroxy acid?

Peroxy acid, additionally known as Peracid, any of a category of chemical compounds during which the atomic group ―O―O―H replaces the ―O―H group of an oxy acid (a compound during which a hydrogen atom is connected to an oxygen atom by a covalent bond that’s simply damaged, producing an anion and a hydrogen ion). Examples of peroxy acids are peroxyacetic acid (CH3CO―OOH, associated with acetic acid, CH3CO―OH) and peroxy sulfuric acid (HOSO2―OOH, or H2SO5, analogous to sulfuric acid, HOSO2―OH, or H2SO4).

Peroxy acids normally are ready by the response of the oxy acid with hydrogen peroxide; small quantities of sulfuric or different robust acids usually are used to speed up the response of weak oxyacids. The peroxy acids are used primarily as oxidizing brokers; they readily add oxygen to alkenes to offer epoxides and are used to transform ketones to esters and amines to nitro compounds, amine oxides, or nitroso compounds.

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